Perseverance in Green Development Bears Fruit in Suining, China

In 2007, Suining was still an area that has not yet freed itself from its deeply rooted traditional agricultural model. But that year, Suining also swore to blaze a new trail in development, to change ingrained traditions and to dart forward into the future.

In the past decade, greenness has put a new sheen on the city. Through industrial structure modifications, traditional industries have been replaced by electronic information, machinery and equipment, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, modern logistics and other emerging industries. After a decade of green urbanization and construction, the urban area now boasts a per capita park and green space of 12.86 square meters, a completed greenery coverage rate of 41.35% in and an incomplete grassland coverage rate of 37.47% . Guanyin Lake, a body of water in the middle of the city, has a surface area of 14.8 square kilometers, and Suining is also among the pioneers in China to commence ‘sponge city’ construction. In the 2018 edition of the ‘State of China Cities’ report, jointly published by UN Habitat and the Urban Planning Society of China, a photo of the city Suining adorned the front page with the theme ‘Green Urbanization in China‘. This landscaped city has also garnered a variety of coveted accolades and sought-after titles such as ‘Green World City’ and ‘International Park City’.

Between September 26 and 27, the Green Development Science and Technology Conference will be held in Suining under the central theme of ‘Clean Energy: New Drive for Green Growth’. Top experts, scholars and renowned enterprises from both home and abroad will once again convene and trade views on hot topics such as clean energy and energy storage, new energy vehicles, green finance, cooperation of green cities on the ‘One Belt One Road,’ rural village revitalization and innovative development. They will engender the point blank integration between science, technology, green development and all aspects pertinent to the people.

SUINING, China, Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On September 5, a ‘green’ brainstorming session took place in Suining, a city in the western Chinese province of Sichuan. This meeting, called the ‘2018 Green Economy Suining Conference,’ attracted nearly 300 renowned Chinese experts, scholars and entrepreneurs. They gathered under one roof and engaged in multifaceted and in-depth exchanges regarding green development, with Suining as the focal point.