Chengdu Extends a Warm Invitation to Tourists from all over the World

80% of giant pandas, a natural heritage, throughout the world live in Sichuan province and Chengdu is famous worldwide as the ‘City of the Giant Panda’. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, located in urban Chengdu, is the best place to see giant pandas and have close contact with them.

The Tianfu Greenway, with an overall length of 16,930 kilometers, is extending gently within Chengdu. Rural landscapes in western Sichuan and open green spaces, which boast exquisite design and profound connotations of beauty, are scattered around the city like emeralds. Citizens and visitors cannot help but slow down to embrace inner peace and enjoy life in nature.

During this year”s week-long ‘National Day Holiday’ in Chengdu, China, visitors should not miss this new combination of tourist entertainment, namely, having close contact with giant pandas and experiencing the greenway.

CHENGDU, China, Oct. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On September 29, the Chengdu Tourism Bureau, together with almost ten national media platforms from across the world and more than ten domestic major live streaming platforms, launched a one-hour global live streaming named Chengdu Rendezvous 2018 ‘Giant Panda. Tianfu Greenway. And More’. On the occasion of the ‘National Day Golden Week Holiday’, Chengdu is extending an invitation to tourists from all over the world: welcome to Chengdu to see the giant pandas and walk along the greenway during the National Day Holiday.