AWEL, the Sneaker Brand You’ll Wear the Whole Year, Announces its Public Launch

Awel, a Digitally Native vertical brand with the modern citizen in mind. With a mission to bring back the joy of adventure, movement and comfort. Awel has created the perfect shoe for the everyday by marrying design with the highest quality materials and beautiful aesthetics. The result is a successful Lifestyle Brand that”s shaking a $375 billion-dollar industry. Founded in November 2017 by two elite field hockey athletes and Engineers, Marc and Jordi Calzada, Awel was originally birthed out of desire to create beautifully designed products that could make a real impact to everyday lives. Awel”s first product – the Awel Move – is a casual sneaker suitable for every occasion, designed for how people actually spends its day and made out of a magic material, Merino Wool.

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Their Story  

Inspired by a family trip to Vietnam, where Marc got their fit hurt without wearing socks in a casual sneaker the two brothers came up with the idea to design the most comfortable shoe ever. It wasn”t after a year after that the two saw an opportunity to shake up a market that, since now, has relied on traditional channels, cost cutting and impersonal consumer engagement.

Buying footwear today may be an annoying experience, in a traditional footwear store you usually have more than 50 different styles and a salesperson hovering over you. Awel is offering an alternative, simple designed, high quality footwear made out of super-fine Merino Wool and sold Direct-to-Consumers.

Their Solution  

While doing research to understand what people really value in footwear and what would make a shoe perfect, they found that most people love the sneaker-like shoes, lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Some headaches that people complain about the most? Hurting seams and severe odor.

The Awel Move   

The Awel Move is the first product release by the brand and it is a is a casual sneaker suitable for every occasion. The Awel Move probes that style, comfort and sustainability can go together, with a one-piece upper and an innovative fabric, Merino Wool. Merino has inner properties that make them perfect for shoes. It regulates temperature, keeping your feet warm in the winter yet keeping them cool in the summer, reduce moisture, minimize odor, and they are soft and lightweight.

The Awel Move are available online at

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