McGraw-Hill Education Launches Landmark 20th Edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine

The landmark 20th edition has been extensively updated with more than 25% new and revised content, covering areas such as: the latest diagnostic methods and technologies; LGBT healthcare; problems associated with microbial resistance to therapeutics; clinical applications of epigenetics and genomics; emerging hi-tech treatments for neurological disease; and disease pathogenesis.

A team of over 700 contributors and six world-renowned editors created the new, definitive 20th edition, which presents essential medical insights, supports in-depth knowledge retention and includes the latest recommendations from clinical trials, as well as updated lists of Suggested Further Readings. The new edition also continues to offer information on both general approaches to treatment considerations and specific therapeutic regimens. 

‘Harrison”s is the leading, influential educational resource for medical students and clinicians worldwide and has been for more than 65 years,’ said Scott Grillo, President of McGraw-Hill Professional. ‘Harrison”s editors and contributors have done so much through their medical practices, research and education of students. We have worked with the best medical experts in their respective fields to create the go-to book on internal medicine.’

Harrison”s serves both as a textbook for medical students and as a clinical reference for trainees and practicing physicians. The new 20th edition comprises: 4,100 pages in two volumes with over 1,600 illustrations; 1,400 tables ranging from simple to very complex; and 200 decision trees and algorithms – all of which go towards creating a comprehensive and accessible reference book.

‘The editors of Harrison”s are committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in medical education and clinical practice,’ commented J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD and editor-in-chief of the 20th edition. ‘This commitment is reflected in every detail, from how we work with expert contributors to how we shape the table of contents and present new and emerging topics. Our objective is to provide comprehensive but concise coverage of patient presentations, differential diagnosis, disease pathophysiology and treatment. Spanning 68 years of medical advances, the publication of the 20th edition of Harrison”s is a true milestone – and reminds us that we are all perpetual students with a commitment to lifelong learning.’

The accuracy, accessible layout and comprehensive coverage of modern internal medicine makes this the most essential edition of Harrison”s ever. 

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NOIDA, India, Oct. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — McGraw-Hill Education today announced the launch of the 20th edition of Harrison”s Principles of Internal Medicine in Asia and Africa. First published in 1950, Harrison”s is considered to be the foremost, leading medical reference book worldwide for medical and healthcare students, trainees, their teachers and medical practitioners. Each new edition is comprehensively updated to reflect the latest thinking and information in medical science, diagnoses and treatments.