ASSET: Helping Dubai’s Gifted Children Realise Their Talent

Dubai”s Most Gifted Programme is an invite-only academic programme, specifically designed for the brightest students from across the country. The programme is facilitated by the ASSET team, from 16th Dec 2018 to 3rd Jan 2019 at the GEMS Modern Academy.

The programme provides academically-gifted students with university-level learning opportunities from global industry experts. Students from grades 6 to 9 have qualified for this programme by appearing in the ASSET Talent Search (ATS) test.

It is for the first time the ASSET team is bringing their gifted learning programme to UAE, allowing students to connect and collaborate with other like-minded peers and explore their strengths. ‘With the need to have an advanced program locally available, we urged EI to organise an academic winter camp at our school. The program modules have been well planned and the students attending will benefit from the opportunity to hone leadership qualities and develop advanced problem-solving skills,’ says Nargish Khambatta, Principal, GEMS Modern Academy.

ArgumentDriven Science Learning, Leaders of Their Own Learning, Be a Maker of the Internet of Things are a few of the modules that are covered in the programme. ‘Our courses are a reflection of current trends in the world and equip students so they can provide meaningful solutions to humanitys needs today as well as start reflecting on the needs of tomorrow,’ says Shekhar Hardikar, Academic Director of the programme.

Identifying gifted students through ATS 

The ASSET Talent Search (ATS) test is an above level test that challenges the students of grade 5 to 8 to apply the comprehensive understanding of learning. The top-performing students in the ATS test are invited to participate in Dubai”s Most Gifted Programme.

About ASSET 

Established in 2001, Educational Initiatives (EI) is an educational products company that leverages the twin levers of cutting-edge research and technology-based solutions. ASSET, EI”s flagship product, has been the go-to benchmarking assessment for over 1000 schools across UAE, Singapore, India and has been used as a mirror to give actionable feedback on the teaching-learning process.  ATS and Dubai”s Most Gifted Programme are offshoots from our years of experience in conducting ASSET and reporting in-depth insights into students” potential and learning needs.

Aditya Shah
Head of Marketing

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